oakland temple DYI wedding [part ii] | mr. & mrs. leblanc
oakland temple DYI wedding [part ii] | mr. & mrs. leblanc

oakland temple DYI wedding [part ii] | mr. & mrs. leblanc

if you haven’t, check out part i.
and now, part ii.

michaela and quinton met at a grocery store in Utah. after talking for an hour, quinton drove her home and asked her out – the rest is history! michaela & quinton were married in the oakland lds temple on july 7, 2012. for their bridals, we met in the presidio in san francisco the night before the wedding. they ran a homemade DIY lemonade stand before dancing on the beach in the sunset. the next morning, they were married in the temple. the backyard reception took place in central valley. michaela’s bouquet was wrapped with an old lace from a bouquet she once caught at a friend’s wedding. this wedding reception was so unique. jars of potatoes and lace-wrapped novels were an inexpensive craft that created a romantic rustic mood. a gazebo turned ice cream shoppe allowed the guests to create their yummy masterpiece. the photo booth was open for guests to send their well wishes to the bride & groom. the night ended with quinton singing train’s “marry me” to his bride. there was not one dry tear in the backyard.

after they received their photos, the sweetest mother-of-the-bride emailed me and brightened my day – “ok, bethany….i had a feeling that michaela and quinton’s pictures would be great…but honestly, i had no idea how amazing they would be. i am absolutely overwhelmed. i just cried….YOU, are a very gifted photographer, and i feel soooo blessed that we had you shoot our special events…we are telling EVERYONE how much we loved having you involved! my only fear is that you’ll become so busy that we’ll never have a chance of scheduling our other two daughter’s weddings with you!”

yes, don’t worry, i will be there! (but girls, take your time ;))


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