faith in the arts | nate bruhn
faith in the arts | nate bruhn

faith in the arts | nate bruhn

According to wikipedia, one of the most legitimate sources out there, Ford Modeling Agency began in 1946 by the Ford family. You know, the car people. The modeling agency is known as one of the most competitive and intense agencies in the world. Names such as Twiggy, Janice Dickenson and Lindsey Lohan are Ford models. The world of modeling, as most humans know, is not an easy road. For many, they last only a brief time in the industry since the demands are exceptionally high. With shows such as America’s Next Top Model and The Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency has opened the eyes of many to a world that only allows a few.

Today’s guest blogger is my college friend, Nate Bruhn. Nate and I met while attending California State University Fullerton in 2006 (or was it 2007? either way, it was a while ago). Actually, we met because he dated my roommate but then we found out we were in the same department at the university. =) After we both graduated with degrees in public relations, I went my way and he went his. We both traveled in the past couple years…but Nate did so for his modeling job which took him around Europe. I am thankful that Facebook (yes, cheesy Facebook shout-out) was able to reconnect us and that I was able to hear where God was taking him since college. Nate quickly said yes to being a guest blogger for my Faith in the Arts blog. Seeing God’s Glory in the midst of a dark industry that does not open their arms to much faith, let alone Christ, Nate has been one a journey through the industry as a believer. And yes, I am going to be planning a shoot-out with Nate soon… 🙂
Nate, thank you for being brave and taking the time to answer my straight-forward questions.

What’s your name? Nate Bruhn

What do you do for a living? Model

Where are you located? West Hollywood. CA

What has been the most difficult aspect of being a follower of Christ in the midst of your specific profession? Tell us a specific time.
I think the most difficult aspect was the realization that in many ways living out my walk was going to be tested daily.. my livelihood depended on just how far or not far I was willing to compromise myself or my faith. I was willingly stepping into a venue that was so anti Christianity and testing the waters. I had this particular realization when I was doing my first runway show in Los Angeles and right before going out everyone minus myself was taking lines of blow and drinking heavily.

How have you seen the depths of total depravity in your workplace/industry?
I see it in different cases all the time.. I see it with insecure or overly confident models consumed with their physical appearance but lost in self identity. I saw it with designers lost in lust over a particular article of clothing or piece of work. I don’t think it’s just within modeling but due to the nature of the industry it is amplified.

How many of your coworkers, boss, employees, clients etc. know that you are follower of Christ? To my knowledge all of them do.

How have you seen the Glory of God through your profession?
I have met a few people in the industry that have unshakable faith.. I believe that is the type of faith you would have to have to survive. I was apart of a men’s group that I had heard about through my old church “Rock Harbor” in Orange County. I had the honor of being apart of an amazing group of men that were all in the modeling/acting industry and we could have accountability and just develop each other.

What’s your favorite verse? My favorite verse is Galations 5:22-23 “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness & self-control; against such things there is no law.”

What advice do you have for believers getting into the modeling industry? My only advice is going in to modeling is realizing everything you stand for as a Christian will be pushed against and challenged. I remember seeing a model who was a Christian actually leave a casting and tell the client he couldn’t represent them due to his faith.. It was inspirational. Life will be easier for you if you lay everything out to your agent before you sign any contract.. Your agent is your advocate and gate keeper.. Having a mutual understanding Is detrimental to your success or lack there of.. You can do well but realize the risk is all on you and your career path is 100% what you feel is best, not your agent.. Your agents job is to make you both money.. It’s yours to create the image you desire for yourself.

This or that (chose your favorite or what you would prefer)
Beach or mountains? beach
South African Citizenship or French Citizenship? South African citizenship
Waffles or Pancakes? pancakes
Traveler or Homebody? traveler
Stranded in a non-stop Justin Beiber concert for a decade or Paddling a boat through a non-stop river of Velveeta cheese for a year?
I would stick with the cheese option.

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{permission granted by nate bruhn}

{permission granted by nate bruhn}

{permission granted by nate bruhn}

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