faith in the arts | jessica chavez
faith in the arts | jessica chavez

faith in the arts | jessica chavez

A couple weeks ago, I decided to jump into a new endeavor and to utilize this blog for something more than just my photos and travel adventures. There has been a burden on my heart recently to connect with other Christians in my industry. More and more, the arts industry has become increasingly agnostic. To be outspoken about your faith is criticized and discouraged. Even in the process of asking Christian artists to participate in this new venture, I encountered resistance and doubt because of my vision for this blog. I want this bi-monthly blog posts to be about the most precious yet offensive thing we believe in – the Gospel. I desire others to relate to the artists who are in similar industries who face blessings, persecution, convictions, and joy all for the Glory of God. So, let me introduce to you, the Faith in Arts blog.

The world of art is infinite. In most careers, we can experience creativity in so many avenues. From photography to graphic design to florists to musicians to architects, we are orchestrating art in some form. As this blog has now reached 10+ countries, the ability to see art in so many forms and cultures is endless. My search for some start-up interviews led me to the south of the American border, to the town of Mexicali, Mexico. Jessica Chavez is a photographer who by nature is one of the sweetest, warm-hearted, Jesus-loving women I have met in my industry. Her portfolio can be seen here. And I have to say, Spanish is Jessica’s first language, and she killed it answering my straight-forward questions in her second language!

If you have any further questions for Jessica, please feel free to comment below and we will get those answered!


What’s your name?
Jessica Chavez

What do you do for a living?
I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer

Where are you located in this world?
I am located in Mexicali, Mexico (a city right in the border with the US)

Are you a (title of your job) Christian? Or a Christian who happens to be a (title of your job)?
Honestly when I started a year and a half ago I was a photographer who was Christian, this year I am straightening my priorities and I am a Christian who’s given the gift of photography.

What has been the most difficult aspect of being a follower of Christ in the midst of your specific profession? Tell us a specific time.
So far I haven’t had any issues with my faith, because until this year I didn’t think it was that important for my clients to know, so I just kept my behavior do the talking.

How have you seen the depths of total depravity {depths of sin} in your workplace/industry?
In an industry where everybody covets the newest gear, the best lenses, the best lighting equipment and so on, there’s a fine line between a healthy desire to get a better equipment and coveting what you can’t have.

What specific Biblical principles do you put into practice in your work?
First and foremost love, for the Bible says love your neighbor as yourself. I have been blessed enough to know what God’s love feels like and I try to show my clients that same love in the way I interact with them, with their families, friends throughout their wedding day.

Are there aspects of your job that conflict with your faith?
Self-promotion. We live in a culture where each of us is responsible for marketing our own business and it is very easy to loose focus on why we are in business in the first place. As a photographer yes I am the one who pushes the shutter to capture a moment, but it is God the one who gave me the eye to know when to push, He is the one that puts me with couples to help them have a better marriage than everybody else.

Are there areas of industry that you stay away from because of your faith?
Yes. I stay away from people who criticize to destroy not to edify; I stay away from parties and reunions that I feel uncomfortable with because they stand against my beliefs.

What have you done through your job to further the kingdom of Christ?
Nothing so far because like I said before my clients didn’t know for sure I am a follower of Christ. However, I have things that I will be implementing from this year on, like praying with my clients for their marriage (if I am allowed to), giving my clients a book focused on a healthy Christian marriage to edify their relationship.

How have you seen the Glory of God through your profession?
I’ve seen how people approach me after an event and talk to me because they can’t understand why after being hours standing working I am still smiling and enjoying what I do, I tell them that God has given me the blessing of having a job I love doing.

I’ve seen God’s glory when I have been in need of work, and as soon as I give Him my needs and worries, He blesses me with more work than I asked for.

My God is an awesome God that knows before I ask what I need and is working to supply those needs from before they come down to my mind.

If you could witness to one person on history, who would it be?
I don’t know lol! If they are already dead and they didn’t know Christ it means that they were not meant to know Him, and no matter if I witnessed to them, my actions or words were not going to change his/her mind, only the Holy Spirit can do that.

Would you rather…. (choose your favorite or what you would prefer)

Chinese Food or Italian Food? Italian!!
Better Dancer or Better Singer? Dancer! I was a ballet dancer for 12 years!!
Canadian Citizenship or British Citizenship? Canadian, I find it more interesting (no offense to British citizens, I love their accent)
Loaded Nachos or Chocolate Cake? I’m a chocolate lover so Chocolate cake!!
Brad Pitt or Matt Damon? Can I say none? Jake Gyllenhaal ☺
Live the life of Eve or live the life of Ruth? Ruth, no question about that.
Running or Yoga? Running
Traveler or Homebody? Half and half. I love traveling but after so long I miss my bed and my pillow lol!

(photo by alicia candelora of no eye has seen photography)
samples of jessica’s past work.


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