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“Perhaps it was their love for Free People clothing, their mutual compassion for animals or their daily struggle of Is it too early to drink bourbon? that bonded these two together. Either way, these thirty-something-nomads are living the expat life in Milan where they hope to inspire others to live differently, live truthfully, and live artistically. Like gypsies. Drinking some bourbs. In broad daylight…”

Brides, turn away. You don’t want to read this…okay, you are still reading. I warned you but, okay, here you go. Blogging about clients is a very exhaustive and demanding process for a seasoned photographer. Don’t get me wrong, your photographer loves you dearly. Like they said on that Facebook post, you definitely are “the best clients in the absolutely entire world! eek!” They truly most likely mean it.

But, why then did your wedding blog post sound oh-so-downright-platonic?

Didn’t your photographer remember helping you get into your dress while your maid of honor was cuddling up with the champs?

Didn’t your photographer take a selfie with you, post it on her instagram and proclaim that you were made to be bffs?

And now, weeks later, you read your wedding blog post and are suddenly struck by how eerily identical the words are to your cousin’s wedding three years prior. Okay, now go get a tissue, dab those newlywed eyes and know that I am here to help you. Your photographer, as long as you paid them on time, gave them a hot meal and tipped them at the reception, loves you dearly. But, they are, in fact, seasoned photographers. Meaning they deal with tons of clients, hundreds of parents and thousands of guests all year long. And although they love you [as long as said three things above were completed] they are exhausted, on high-demand, and needing a major mental break.

That’s where I come in.

“either way, i decided to “when in china” and in a very rude-american yet completely normal-chinese way, i sat down and shared a small table with a businessman without asking his permission. and in a moment that only the language gods could have created, he greeted me in english.”

Hi Photographers! As a seasoned photographer myself, the struggle is real. I am not lying between my teeth when I say that I have had the most fabulous clients over the years. And yet, I couldn’t write about half of them since my photography was in more demand than my words. Alas, this is where I come in. Now that your bride knows the truth of our situation, I am opening up my part-time ghostwriting work to the world of tired wedding photographers who just don’t have the time or passion to write their blog and website content. Over the years, I have been ghostwriting for blogs, magazine and online publications, to name a few.

First step, email and request a complimentary blog entry for a current portrait/wedding session you have completed for a trial. Various other blog contents, pricing guides, etc are also available for writing.

“i knew from our first rendezvous months ago that we were a solid match in the photographer-bride-groom-who-also-gush-about-their-fur-children-world.”