wedding [2014] season
wedding [2014] season

wedding [2014] season

2014 Wedding Season is upon us. yes, we are still in july 2013, but in the wedding world, we are already prepping for the next year. that being said, i thought i would write a little post on some changes that will be taking place for bcp. these changes stem from 1) learning curves from this past season and 2) changes in the ol’ personal life. and as we all know, change & learning are two assets that keep us on our toes and make life exciting! enough pep talk from the life-coach-side-of-me and let’s get to it:
ONE) goodbye-my-dear-dear-discs: yep, i tried to hold on for as long as i could but with more and more recent word about how old school discs have become, i finally had to pay attention. in order to ease the transition from this year’s “disc + online album” collection item, i have slowly tried to introduce Showit’s PASS gallery [pictured below]. this program is brilliant. not only does it allow for brides & grooms to share their wedding album (with individual galleries) with their friends and family, but it serves as a cloud for their images for up to one year. they are able to download all high-res images to their chosen destination with one click. and yes, anyone can order prints directly from the gallery. it makes everyone’s life simpler. that’s why i am getting rid of mr. disc from my collection altogether. aren’t convinced? check out the link above & email me to chat about it. (also, bcp will honor all previously booked collections)

TWO) as a growing artist, you start to understand who your audience is – who wants your specific work vs. who wants just a photographer. and as i have had the privilege of serving a variety of [fabulous] couples, i have realized that my art is designed for specific couples. in other words, it is imperative that in this point in time, that i pair up with couples who are the right fit. that being said, beginning in 2014, i will be booking a limited amount of weddings + couples. i want to be able to serve couples who i know are my glass slipper to my ugly foot. inquiries will be handled differently – and i encourage anyone who is interested in my work to review my blog + portfolio extensively before inquiring. this will allow me to focus on selective couples as well as pursue other photography endeavors…[see number THREE]

THREE) although i won’t be able to give out too much information at this time, i will be starting a new branch of my work to serve the world through philanthropic photography. a new website, facebook page + adventure is ahead!

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