the reality of being twenty-eight.
the reality of being twenty-eight.

the reality of being twenty-eight.

as a kid, you always think that adulthood is going to be so much easier than childhood. you will be able to make all your own decisions + direct traffic for your life. and then [quickly] comes adulthood. boom.

it’s an adventure that even my parents, who clearly were adults, could not have prepared me for. they couldn’t tell me what i would be like or how i would respond to the rainbow of years that i would face. they couldn’t tell me “bethany, when you are 28, you should make sure you do [fill in the blank].”

no, my parents, bless them, taught me what they knew would be my only answer to the valleys and peaks of my 20’s.

trust the Lord, dad said, pray for direction daily.

oh man, if only i knew what that would entail for my life. if only at that ripe age could ask my dad why i would need to trust the Lord. or when i would need to pray. my ten years on my own would paint for me exactly what those words mean.

here i am at 28 and i am leaning on those words like there is no tomorrow. trust. trust. pray. pray.

i realize that the societal pressures of “having it all” have subconsciously messed with me these past few years. in the world where buying a home + populating the earth is expected in late 20’s/early 30 year olds, my husband and i have heard a different calling for some time now. and its been tough [another time, another blog]. but what’s most irritating than not knowing the exact future is knowing that He made you and your spouse for a different future. different than those around you. different than society wants for you. and different than what you grew up expecting it to be.

as i mentally, spiritually + physically prepare to enter my busiest wedding month[s] of the season and in conjunction with stepping forward into the into the unknown future, i have to, have to, have to remember

trust the Lord.
and pray.

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