there is so much about weddings that don’t matter. now that i have made it through “the big day” i can honestly say that so much doesn’t matter.

not the
not the rad dj.
not the color scheme.
not the third bridesmaid to the left. [actually, i didn’t even have a third bridesmaid]
and, dont freak out, not even the photographer.

nothing on the can fully prepare you for this moment. no bridal shower or honeymoon package. at the end of the day, when the thrills and frills have stripped away into the past, you are left with the truth of your heart. am i truly willing to put another human being before myself? am i truly prepared to dive into life’s difficulties and treasures with the same man for the rest of my life? am i honest with my family and friends that i won’t back out? and am i prepared to stand before God one day and make an account for the oath I made to him that I would stand by my spouse? did i respect my husband, provide for his needs, submit willingly to his leadership, make him a proud man by my virtue and character? everything else is meaningless if my groom or i don’t fully acknowledge the covenant oath we are taking before God.

i am forever changed as an artist, woman, daughter of God. specifically, however, i am convinced that i will no longer see photographing weddings the same way. there are two souls now becoming one. i am there to be the historian to an oath that will forever shape the lives of the couple. an oath that is not to be taken lightly. a covenant that must not be thrown to the wind when a tornado storms through. a promise to the one and only God that will hold you to that oath. this is what i now forever will see through my lens.

and or your silly photographer like myself will never be able to prepare you for this responsibility.

emily & ray
october 2011

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