central valley, that’s a wrap.
central valley, that’s a wrap.

central valley, that’s a wrap.

2011 is now closing into the abyss. And here I am left with the residue of the biggest milestones of my life, thus far. I truly was blessed with a crazy year. Crazy in the best and the worst of the term. So many changes, battles, adventures, bruises, oopsies, oh boys, congratulations, etc. I decided to make a list of a few things – both special and difficult – to recap my year as a woman and as a photographer.

1) Completed my contract in South Korea, leaving with a pocket full of amazing friendships, the beginning of a portfolio, four additional countries scratched off my to-see list, and a stalker.
2) I went on three road trips across seven states.
3) I went to seven different countries.
4) I learned that the photography business can be a cruel, hostile world.
5) I re-learned that my identity in this life is not determined by being a wife, photographer, or traveller, but can only be found in Christ alone.
6) I successfully boarded off of the ski lift without eating it and/or forcing the lift to halt while my coward self remained seated after the point of exit. {this was one of my biggest silly fear for a long time}
7) Not all things can be fixed, but only endured.
8) I married a man who loves Jesus more than he loves me – and I wouldnt have it any other way.
9) I decided that my hidden talent could be matchmaking.
10) I adopted a senior citizen cat.
11) I saw the Grand Canyon with my own eyes.
12) I jammed to Mumford & Sons live.
13) I found a mentor and began mentoring.
14) I decided that hummus should be a part of every meal.
15) Life is meaningless, all of my year is meaningless, apart from Christ.

I could go on and on. But I dont have time…there is a new year to explore.

{here are a few images from the best day of 2011 – my wedding}

{my fave photo of the year}

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