let’s travel, shall we.
let’s travel, shall we.

let’s travel, shall we.

im enjoying my friday night home. relaxing with my man and my kitty. eating pizza and enjoying my favorite amber ale. and of course watching the voice. we are embarrassingly hooked. meanwhile, i am also staring at the world map on my wall thinking about how i am overwhelmed with this year’s schedule. i’m incredibly blessed. and equally exhausted thinking about it. but that’s okay. =) so where am i shooting this year? below is my travel guide outside of northern california. during the dates that are empty below, i will be shooting weddings in san francisco, sacramento, central valley & oakland. if you are in a city or country that i am working in this year, i would love to schedule something with you. or you could give me good tips on where to eat. because that is equally important.

san diego/orange county [april 25-29]
texas [may 9-12]
orange county -san diego [may 25-june 4]
uganda [july 10-july 24]
texas [august 2-5]
tahoe/reno [august 17-august 20]
puerto rico [august 27-september 3]
germany/austria/poland [november]

that’s me! in greece!

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