its late. its 1225{am}. im tired. im emotional. because im {tired}. and because of the incredibly long week i just had. tim {fiance} and i are finally on the decline of chaotic scheduling. he took {vacation} so he could be a support and companion for my week in southern california, while also trying to take some time for himself. and i {seriously} am so happy he did. our week included premarital counseling, photographing two sessions, celebrating a weeks worth of wedding festivities via role of a bridesmaid, visiting my parents and siblings, reconnecting with a friend from korea and driving back and forth all over california. now one week later, i am trying to hide from the world so i can enjoy my {26th} birthday in solitude for {one} day. i like people. i {love} my job. i like talking. but i love {alone} time.

interesting {fact}. due to unfortunate past schedules. this is my {first} birthday – out of the three years of knowing him – that i have spent it with tim. so my birthday wish includes the following: me. tim. alone. solitude.
i’ll return to this crazy life on the {29th}.

{phew photos from our trip}

my companion. and handsome fiance.

honored to be a bridesmaid for mckenna.

the grapevine was an avid part of our trip.

san diego at night while visiting with my sister from korea, joanna.

sneak peek of the first shoot from last week.

sneak peek of the second shoot from last week:

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