cheesy re-introduction of myself for those who don’t know me and only know what you see on my Facebook page…

my name is bethany. i was born in hawaii. i am married to a hot guy named tim. i have a precious fur ball named granny jezzie ginger. i live in northern california although i did not grow up here. i have lived in five different states and two different countries. my favorite food is cheese fries and i have an unsweetened iced tea everyday.

every year for my birthday i try to do something extreme: bungee jumping, sky-diving, scuba-diving, etc. maybe i will try eating at wienerschnitzel this year.
another birthday goal is to hit 20 countries by the time i am 30 years old. so i have 3 years to go to 5 more countries. my personal goal is to live abroad again and have all of my kids (whenever i have them) travel the world as they grow up.

i have to set goals or i will get bored. this 2012 year, i hit my personal business booking goal by the month of march….which means i am either setting my goals way too low, or this business isn’t challenging enough. either way, i am trying to extend my goals for the future as much as possible….so this is what i do know: my professional goal is to photograph weddings for the next couple of years until i can become a pro-bono missional photographer for missions and non-profits around the world. seeing God at work around the world is one of the most inspiring and humbling experiences i have ever had. my heart is to serve Christ and His people as He came to do. my favorite verse of all time is acts 20:22-24.

oh, and did i mention that i am swedish?

and left-handed.

and a die-hard fan of celine dion.

wedding day in napa valley

our jezzie!

second paris trip

scuba-diving for my birthday in south korea
excited for new years 2010 – jeju south korea

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