its just a job
its just a job

its just a job

its so easy to allow photography {or any job for that matter} to seem so important. to take precedence over your life. to be the mecca where you find meaning. self-worth. acceptance. and approval.

as much as having a job contributes to society. as much as a job puts the food on the table. and in my blessed situation, as much as it allows you to have an artistic outlook of how you see the world. it cannot possibly fulfill you.

i decided to munch on my chipotle, sip my iced tea and blog about my battle. i struggle at not allowing myself to be microscopically obsessed with my work. naturally, i am my own worst critic. i glaze over my work multiple times before i send it off. many times deleting photos after i have completely processed them. i respect comments of praise and criticism from successful professionals in my field. i take those comments to heart. its so importrant for me though to remind myself every morning when i sit down to work. every night when i think about my work before i go to bed. everytime i am taken advantage of. or even everytime i let someone down. my worth is not in my work.

if i found my worth in it, i would be worthless. i would be a mess. i would be imprisoned by my art. i wouldn’t have any hope in this world. no matter what your faith is, you will never find worth in your job.

now, i have to go back to work…

wailing wall
jerusalem israel
sept 2011

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