so i apparently have {no} idea what im doing in planning my own wedding. its slightly on the ridiculous. my older sister {matron of honor} keeps sending me {the.knot.com.} articles and checklists. who knew that you had to send out {invites} to your best man to come to the {rehearsal}. isn’t that a no-duh? clearly, i believe that this multi-million dollar website goes {above} and {bed. bath} and beyond with preparing the bride and groom for the things that they truly don’t need help preparing for. but not to be too prejudice, i have to say that it has helped me {amongst} my crazy schedule to organize my thoughts.

its hard to transition from living as a single woman of 26. who has been out of her parent’s house since 18. into a wife. partner. two people as {one person}. it has been a challenge but also so incredibly rewarding. a {blessing} i have experienced during my engagement is to see {myself} and {tim} both equally. actively. work. fail. forgive. try again. to become one. it has substituted for all of my wedding activities as being the most {intimate} time in my engagement.

{photo by gladysjem.com}

along with that.

recently tim wrote out his {bucket-list}. we have always had ours floating somewhere in our abyss. i personally know what needs to be done and by when. tim has never written his down and talked through it with me. my two {immediate} emotional responses: i am marrying the man god made for me. and. i have a huge responsibility to hold him to this list. this is a man with dreams. passions. {god-given} talent. a poet. a man in need of challenge and adventure. as silly and pointless as a bucket list may seem to some, it truly gives deeper insight into what a person holds dear in this life. so i encourage all to write theirs and share with the one they {trust} the most.

sneak peek of my recent bucket list:
– make sure my husband completes his list until death do us part.
– perform {slam} poetry for a crowd (not just tim)
– work full-time as pro-bono {humanitarian} photographer

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current read: fighting for your marriage. and the bible.

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