the world | gloria a dios
the world | gloria a dios

the world | gloria a dios

i left my camera behind this year.

surprisngly and (mainly) frustratingly enough, i didn’t miss it at all. i actually enjoyed being away from my camera. my blog. my website. my photoshop. and most of all, my facebook. the eight days away were spent investing in our mexican church family at templo sinai in san luis colorado, mexico. this year was emotional. not the flakey emotion that comes with the “high” of a mission’s trip. no, not that kind.

rather, it was the kind where you saw God breaking and pruning the hearts of everyone, americans and mexicans, alike. the kind where you know that God is at work and you are drained. you always know that God is doing great things when people’s hearts are broken, sin is exposed and the only way through it is to point to the Cross.

Malachi 3:3 “He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver.”

it takes fire and it takes pain for our impurities to burn away and to purify us. however, we don’t have to work away our impurities. because it was Christ on the cross that took the pain and burnt away our impurities and it is only through Him are we purified.

and to this i say, gloria a dios!

to see pics from mexico 2011 – click on this.

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