i knew that i would {critically} be injuring my imagination by stealing the ideas of other photographic artists. when i first started my {business}, i didn’t allow myself to follow any other photographer on facebook or the internet. although i respect and appreciate the photographers that i have come into contact with in the past couples years, i {don’t know} a quarter of their work. i won’t allow myself to know. the best way to protect myself is by not allowing myself to follow or be {inspired} by another photographer. i had to start out with that principle or my job would be a {joke}. a {lie}. so this allowed me to discover the shallow-end of my pool of imagination on my own. from here, i found appropriate {avenues} to get inspired without the influence of other artists. now that i feel confident enough in my direction, i allowed myself to “like” {one} photographer on facebook – my own wedding photographer, gladys jem. and her work inspires me to plan my wedding.

today i was {overwhelmingly} inspired. thank goodness. since yesterday i was so. blah. there are days when i crave to {exert} my emotion. my music. and if i don’t. i get in a rut. {a lull.} i basically have a really bad day. so bethany started thinking to herself. what has influenced me the most in my photography recently? and the answer was simple: {music videos.} and old {action} movies.

coldplay – every teardrop is a waterfall

mission impossible 1, 2 & 3

celine dion – i drove all night

what inspires you in your music, writing, job, life?

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