—- day 9 challenge: share 9 things about yourself—-

1) i was born in hawaii and lived there for seven years, so it doesn’t sound like a vacation to me at all.

2) i am an adrenaline junky – i have been zip-lining, sky-diving, bungee-jumping, scuba-diving, cliff-diving & traveling internationally alone (the last one is adrenaline rush!)

3) my goal is to jump on a moving train and then have a cup of tea in the dining cabin

4) love movies/books based on real events & real people

5) my husband tim is the first traveling partner that i ever got along with

6) lots of things about weddings bother me

7) i passionately dislike apathy & indifference

8) i love to study theology & talk about it with my husband over dinner – nothing is more attractive than that!

9) i am nothing without Christ

photo by damaris mia

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