within the first year of marriage, i have learned a few things about my wedding day.

one, i should have hired a videographer. no matter how much it cost, i would have loved to be sitting here today with my groom re-watching the moments of our special day. although i have photos, a part of me wishes i could hear tim’s voice, hear my dad’s speech, hear my sisters’ laughter, etc.

two, eating the top of my cake one year after it was made is an odd tradition that didn’t pay off.

three, why the heck did i care so much about the guest list?

four, i wish i had walked down the aisle to temper trap’s love lost.

five, my favorite moment of the ceremony was when we sang a cappella nothing but the blood & in christ alone.

six, i sure did marry the right man.

all images by the sweet gladys jem photography. you can check out her blog of our bookstore portraits here.

to see our engagement video by moving picture weddings, go to http://vimeo.com/22613805


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