winters california

laura + adam are one of those couples that make my job and all of the ups and downs you experience behind the scenes of wedding photography well worth it. they are the type of couple that i gush to tk about: “no seriously, you are going to want to be their best friends.”

just add in the most adorable little fluffy creature they call stanley into the mix and plan a new zealand honeymoon and you officially become the coolest people ever. i knew from our first rendevouz months ago that we were a solid match in the photographer-bride-groom-who-also-gush-about-their-fur-children-world.

so now, i will stop my own gushing of these two and just allow you all to enjoy the moments that perfectly collided into their november wedding day!

congrats mr. and mrs. morris (and stanley morris!) !!!!

Morris Getting Ready

Morris Getting Ready-3

Morris Getting Ready-4

Morris Getting Ready-5

Morris Getting Ready-6
Morris Getting Ready-11

Morris Getting Ready-21

Morris Getting Ready-18

Morris Getting Ready-16 copy

Morris Getting Ready-19 copy

Morris Getting Ready-14

Morris Getting Ready-12
Morris Getting Ready-33

Morris Getting Ready-31

Morris Getting Ready-34

Morris Getting Ready-35

Morris Getting Ready-36

Morris Getting Ready-18

Morris Getting Ready-22

Morris Getting Ready-23

Morris Getting Ready-24

Morris Getting Ready-25
Morris Getting Ready-26

Morris Getting Ready-27

Morris Getting Ready-30

Morris Getting Ready-38

Morris Getting Ready-39

Morris Getting Ready-40

Morris Getting Ready-42

Morris Getting Ready-45

Morris Getting Ready-41

Morris Getting Ready-43
Morris Getting Ready-46

Morris Getting Ready-47

Morris Getting Ready-48

Morris Getting Ready-49

Morris Getting Ready-50

Morris Getting Ready-51

Morris Getting Ready-52

Morris Getting Ready-53

Morris Getting Ready-55

Morris Getting Ready-56

Morris Getting Ready-57

Morris Getting Ready-59 copy

Morris Getting Ready-61

Morris Getting Ready-62

Morris Getting Ready-63

Morris Getting Ready-64

Morris Getting Ready-65

Morris Getting Ready-66

Morris Getting Ready-67
Morris Getting Ready-68

Morris Getting Ready-69

Morris Getting Ready-70

Morris Getting Ready-71

Morris Getting Ready-72

Morris Getting Ready-73
Morris Bridal-2

Morris Bridal-3
Morris Bridal
Morris Bridal-4

Morris Getting Ready-10

Morris Getting Ready-9

Morris Bridal-5

Morris Bridal-6

Morris Bridal-7

Morris Bridal-8

Morris Bridal-9

Morris Bridal-10
Morris Bridal-11

Morris Bridal-12

Morris Bridal-13

Morris Bridal-14

Morris Bridal-15

Morris Bridal-16

Morris Bridal-18

Morris Bridal-19

Morris Bridal-20

Morris Bridal-21
Morris Bridal-22

Morris Bridal-23

Morris Bridal-24
Morris Getting Ready-8

Morris Getting Ready-7

Morris Bridal-25

Morris Bridal-26

Morris Bridal-27

Morris Bridal-29

Morris Bridal-30

Morris Bridal-31

Morris Bridal-32 copy

Morris Bridal-34
Morris Formals-4

Morris Formals-5

Morris Formals-2

Morris Formals-6

Morris Bridal-49

Morris Bridal-50

Morris Bridal-35

Morris Bridal-36

Morris Bridal-37
Morris Bridal-39

Morris Bridal-41

Morris Bridal-42

Morris Bridal-43

Morris Bridal-44

Morris Bridal-46

Morris Bridal-47

Morris Bridal-48
Morris Ceremony-5

Morris Ceremony-6 copy

Morris Ceremony-3 copy

Morris Ceremony-4 copy

Morris Ceremony-9

Morris Ceremony-14

Morris Ceremony-13 copy

Morris Ceremony-11

Morris Ceremony-15

Morris Ceremony-16
Morris Ceremony-28

Morris Ceremony-29

Morris Ceremony-30

Morris Ceremony-31

Morris Ceremony-32

Morris Ceremony-33

Morris Ceremony-34

Morris Ceremony-35

Morris Ceremony-37

Morris Ceremony-38
Morris Ceremony-40

Morris Ceremony-41

Morris Ceremony-42

Morris Ceremony-43

Morris Ceremony-44

Morris Ceremony-45
Morris Bridal-51

Morris Bridal-52

Morris Bridal-53

Morris Bridal-54

Morris Bridal-55

Morris Bridal-57

Morris Bridal-58

Morris Bridal-59

Morris Bridal-60

Morris Bridal-61
Morris Bridal-62

Morris Bridal-63

Morris Bridal-64

Morris Bridal-65

Morris Bridal-66

Morris Bridal-67

Morris Bridal-68

Morris Bridal-69
Morris Bridal-70

Morris Bridal-71

Morris Bridal-72

Morris Bridal-73

Morris Bridal-74

Morris Reception-37

Morris Reception-3

Morris Reception-4

Morris Reception-5

Morris Reception-6

Morris Reception-26 copy

Morris Reception-24

Morris Reception-27
Morris Reception-8 copy

Morris Reception-33 copy

Morris Reception-35

Morris Reception-28

Morris Reception-22

Morris Reception-23

Morris Reception-29

Morris Reception-31
Morris Reception-15 copy

Morris Reception-18 copy

Morris Reception-19

Morris Reception-20

Morris Reception-12 copy

Morris Reception-7
Morris Reception-41

Morris Reception-42

Morris Reception-46

Morris Reception-38

Morris Reception-39 copy

Morris Reception-49

Morris Reception-48

Morris Reception-47
Morris Reception-50

Morris Reception-53

Morris Reception-52

Morris Reception-54

Morris Reception-55

Morris Reception-56

Morris Reception-57

Morris Reception-59

Morris Reception-60
Morris Reception-61

Morris Reception-62

Morris Reception-71 copy

Morris Reception-63

Morris Reception-65 copy

Morris Reception-67 copy

Morris Reception-70 copy

Morris Reception-73

Morris Reception-75

Morris Reception-74
Morris Reception-76

Morris Reception-77

Morris Reception-78

venue – park winters
wedding planner – 2 chic events
catering/dessert table – chef + baker
flowers – lisa’s flor decor
magician – dr. james thurston
hair/make-up – jenifer haunt
dj – all ears djs