a whimsical september island farm wedding

my beautiful bride maddie is a cancer survivor. maddie and andy met when they were only teenagers. they but didnt start to date until their twenties. after dating a short time, maddie received the worst news imaginable. she had colon cancer. her groom, andy, was by her side as she fought like a badass for three years. he never left her side. it was during this time that maddie’s family knew that this young man was here to stay. gratefully, she is recently in remission! they traveled from southern california for their san francisco wedding. they wanted to get married in the midst of the magical redwoods. they chose an island farm wedding for the day. island farm is a mysterious private estate that has recently become quite in demand. the best part of this venue is that it is only by word of mouth to get married there. oh, and did i mention that andy and maddie rowed their way into their bistro lit redwood reception? *jaw drop*

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if you are having an island farm wedding and looking for an island farm photographer for your day, email me at bethany@bethanycarlson.com.