central valley wedding | mr. & mrs. link

this wedding was memorable for so many reasons. first off, lexi and i have had a mentorship friendship for a couple years now so it was like watching a little sister get married. second, my husband officiated the wedding and looked dang good doing it. third, i love the feathers on her dress, the modern elegance of their details and of course our explosion of artistry with our portraits. if you know casey & lexi, you know how artistic and creative these two are. that spark of art was throughout all the details of the day, including casey’s gift to his future wife…a canvas with his personal vows written on them.

they didn’t want to see one another before the ceremony, so lexi hugged her husband-to-be from behind while they prayed and read their personal vows. this was by far the most emotional moment of the day. up to this point, lexi had been up all night sick and was out of it. but after having a moment with her man, she was able to make it through her wedding day. and of course, she looked gorgeous despite how she felt.

before i let the photos speak for themselves [originally i had my top 500 favorite photos picked out to blog, but i brought it down a bit or i would have given away the majority of their shots!], i will leave you with a sneak peek of my favorite part of casey’s precious vows to lexi: [the “…” represent the parts i did not include ;)]

“i promise….to date you until the day i draw my last breath. to teach our future children about Jesus. to pray for them and with them…to cherish and protect our little girls. to take then on daddy date nights. to love our little men. to wrestle with them. take them camping and have lightsaber wars with them. to show them how to be a gentleman. and how to cherish women and protect their hearts…”

and if you aren’t crying yet, wait until Two Spoons Productions release their wedding day video.