san francisco engagement | micah & lindsey

lindsey is from louisiana. micah is from california. clearly it was crucial for us to incorporate beignets and the beach into the session as much as possible. however, i learned that there is a lack of “proper” beignet in california. so forgive this poor wanna-be beignet pastry that is floating in a suitcase in the water. and also forgive the lack of powder sugar. it was a little wet out there.

continuing on… micah & lindsey met me at the golden gate park boathouse. the original plan was to either surrey around or paddle boat ourselves around stow lake. but the boathouse was closed (rare for an early afternoon in san francisco!). within the first ten minutes, lindsey and micah made it clear to me that they were down to get messy. how am i so blessed with awesome clients? and they were down for anything which made my job so much easier. i jumped on that opportunity and we drove down the hill to the windy and very chilly beach where tourists ended up pulling out their phones to photograph the three of us creating art in the water.

micah & lindsey will be married down in the south next march before settling back here in california. they both love God and have a passion to serve Him. and their love for one another is ridiculously (in the best possible sense) evident. micah & lindsey, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be apart of this special engagement.