dallas texas engagement | eric & caroline

by now, most of you know that i love to trash engagement sessions. why do i need to wait until there is a white dress present to make a mess out of things? i was so excited when caroline & eric let me know that they wanted to rent a sailboat at lake grapevine in texas for their engagement session. immediately my thoughts: “hmm, sailboats are on water. water is my favorite thing to incorporate into a session. i will have them jump in.” now, 85% of the time, clients are down. but i do have a few stragglers who aren’t into that. i need to somehow screen my clients from now on to see their adventure level. okay that sounds pretentious. what i mean is that, i want my work to represent the way i view life and the beauty that God created. so i must mess with nature, so to speak. and lets be honest, not everyone feels the same. okay, going back on to task…last week, i had the pleasure of flying out to dallas texas and meeting up with caroline & eric for their session. i am privileged to be photographing their beautiful [muggy] august wedding. oh by the way, isn’t caroline gorgeous? yep, she is my cousin 😉

caroline & eric, thank you for a fabulous time downtown grapevine and on the lake. your sense of adventure and fun-loving, God-centered relationship is a breath of fresh air and i love you both!