all month i thought about my approaching birthday.

not the actual birthday. but the number.
not the actual number. but the numbers passed.
not the actual numbers. but the events those numbers represented.

i welcomed my twenties by sky-diving. alone.

what i didn’t realize the moment i jumped out of a plane towards the rocky mountains – strapped to an adrenaline junky that could have at anytime been pre-gaming the 2011 legalization of marijuana – was that this was going to be the perfect metaphor for what the 20’s were going to look like.

stepping out into the unknown and not being afraid to do it alone.

i remember my friends at the time asking me why i would go skydiving when all our friends said they weren’t going to go:
why wouldn’t i? just because they won’t?

when i think back on 20-year-old-Bethany, i smile knowing she was so fearless. and that fearlessness was going to be a driving force behind the next ten years.

the twenties were pretty damn incredible.

i unapologetically proclaim that i accomplished everything [and more, and more than that] that i wanted to within my 20’s.

i will refrain from writing everything out on this blog. these stories are shared over a bottle of wine. or from the inside of a lonely jail cell.

either way, i will also save these stories for my [most likely, eventually, coming-in-my-thirties] upcoming book, entitled:

Occasionally Pray,
Love Again,
and Repeat.
All Around the World.

by Bethany Carlson