chicago wins

wanted to take a moment out of my international-transplanting week to make mention of “the best of korea” photo winner, josh fisher. josh  not only won recognition for his good looks and poetic spirit but also a rad gift card to jeju island’s maybe cafe. the chicago-native brought it to the table last july when he decided to hangout under the natural waterfall (natural as in there aint no lifeguards hanging out), break into an abandoned-jurassic-park-wanna-be-hotel, and infamously allowing a live octopus (otherwise known as bob) to squirm and  squeeze all over him. i told josh that i will fly out to chicago to do photo shoots if he won, and voila. so chicago, email me ( or click on ‘the correspondence’ in the menu above)  if you are interested in looking as good as josh and i will post opening dates as soon as i am settled back in america. congratulations  josh! and thanks to everyone who voted and thanks to all of my  beautiful clients in asia! i will sincerely miss you all.