burnt & brand

{second draft since my first draft was lost in the heap of wordpress server error. ugh}

im burnt. out. seven weeks. seven states. sixteen shoots. my time at home has been amazing. full of love and opportunities. any energy that has been sucked out of me has been productive and love struck. with planning a wedding, living a life as a gypsy, traveling to reunite with friends and family and readjusting to the professional market, i am burnt. but my heart cannot rest. i never thought that i would be blessed in so many incredible ways. i never would have thought that my life would have changed in so many ways. sure i got a huge dose of reverse culture shock. but even through the upside-down emotional gobble, i made it through. i would have re-burnt myself out if i could re-experience all of the adventures that i have in the past two months. but a few good nights of sleep would be nice too. lets not lie.

im branding. the asian photography market, although technologically the catalyst for westerner’s equipment, is still behind on the intensity of the american market. i love intensity. i recently found out that i have native-american in my blood. so with my feathers firmly attached to my hair, i am ready to hit the ground running like a warrior in all my bold and colorful ways. seriously. girl gotta be proud and loud. back to branding. with a california business license in hand (hey, gotta be legal and pay the ol’ taxes) and new equipment on my way, i am rolling in the pine trails of the forest. just like pocahontas. and in the midst of my crazy american arrival, my mind has been spinning constantly. i realize that my brand has not been completely efficient in serving my clients. so things need to be changed. reconstructed. branded. so within the next three weeks you may experience a slight shift from the change. but don’t worry. i am a living proof that reverse culture shock can be an amazing thing to be hit by.

{me skipping on the edge of the grand canyon. photo by my little sister, jojo. march 2011}