long beach portrait | nayla

i’m not trying to prejudice. but i have to say it. people who have lived abroad for any length of time are literally the raddest people i know. when nayla and i met in long beach for her session, we grabbed a soda before we started to shoot. since she lives in southern california, i wasn’t able to have my traditional-pre-session-lets-grab-coffee-meet-up in northern california. so we did it right before the shoot. an hour later we finally got ourselves to stop gabbing about living life in foreign lands. refreshment. for the sake of my travel bug, i need the outlets of conversing with those brave enough to travel alone. and nayla is one of them. traveling around south america on a pretty pinched penny is a recipe for independent growth and life-changing experiences to occur. nayla is not limited to south america – her love for travel and culture has taken her all over the world. ahh, nayla. you truly are so rad. oh. and. best style ever.

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Bethany Carlson is an international portrait photographer. Bethany started her photography business in Asia while living in South Korea. Bethany has photographed clients from over twelve countries. Bethany focuses her art towards lifestyle photography, including portraiture and special events. Bethany currently resides in Northern California with her husband, Tim.

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  1. by Nayla Tawa

    You are so awesome…and an inspiration to me and many people I am sure! And yes there is something special and different about people who have braved the unknown and stepped the foreign world for an extended period of time! I think you need to get back down to SoCal sometime in the near future…so we can do it all over again….SO FUN! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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