logan was such a sport. his blue eyes twinkled in the crisp early morning colorado air. his rosey cheeks got rosier as he attempted to stand up on his own. as the session moved on, logan’s smart self kicked in and he realized that being outside in the march morning air was not fun anymore. despite being chilly, he continued to sit and stand where mama placed him. his eyes continued to sparkle bright blue and his precious demeanor stood out the entire time – from the moment he was outside standing up on his own until he was completely over modeling for the camera. ahh logan. your cheeks are so kissable. and your eyes are unreal. in 18 years, with those eyes, watch out mom and dad. he is going to be a heartbreaker.

About the author

Bethany Carlson is an international portrait photographer. Bethany started her photography business in Asia while living in South Korea. Bethany has photographed clients from over twelve countries. Bethany focuses her art towards lifestyle photography, including portraiture and special events. Bethany currently resides in Northern California with her husband, Tim.

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