My whole life I yearned to sing like Celine Dion.

And like clockwork, every morning I would have to face the fact that my vocal chords didn’t change overnight. My youth consisted of seeking outlets to show the passion I have for life and adventure. So,  I decided to pick up a camera in high school and then again after college. Now, I like to think I can belt out the notes through an image captured.

And yes, I have been made fun of for being a Dion fan for years. Don’t worry, I can take it. I embrace it.

My goal is to photograph every continent.

My writing and photography is inspired by my unquenchable wanderlust. My art began while i was living in South Korea. Photographing in Asia introduced me to an amazing array of people from all over the world.

The first wedding I ever photographed was in South Korea. I barely spoke the language. I did not know what to expect during the Korean wedding, nonetheless a Catholic ceremony completely spoken in hangul. After successfully surviving that experience, I truly believe that photographing international weddings comes a lot easier to me than straightening my hair.

After working and living in Asia, I relocated to San Francisco to engage in six-years of American wedding photography. Eventually, I became a transpacific artist spending my off-seasons in Shanghai, China, and then returning to the USA for wedding season. On a typical day-off, you can find me sipping an iced tea, hanging with my brood of rescued animals or dreaming of which country will be my next stamp in my passport.

Promo Bio 2013 by Two Spoons Productions

Bethany from Bethany Carlson on Vimeo.